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  • Cluster Leaders:
    Katrina Lipinsky, MSN, CNM, WHNP-BC, and Kara Pravdo, MSN, CRNP

    AAFP Liaisons:
    Martha Simmons, MD, and Libby Wetterer, MD

About Us

The Pennsylvania cluster was one of the first Network clusters in the country. We are proud to have many advanced practice clinicians and students in our membership. While the Philadelphia area has good access to abortion care, our state has numerous legal barriers. These include a Medicaid ban, 24-hour waiting period, mandated counseling, parental consent, and an MD-only law. We also have a high maternal mortality rate well above the national average, and we recently saw the abrupt closure of a large safety-net hospital.

In addition to clinical training and community building, we share events and resources to educate our members about the issues affecting the sexual and reproductive wellbeing of Pennsylvania residents.


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