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APC Cluster

Connecting Advanced Practice Clinicians across the country

About Us


The APC Cluster is a collaborative effort of the Reproductive Health Access Project, Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health, and the National Abortion Federation to provide an accessible space for advanced practice clinicians (APCs) and students to support each other in sexual and reproductive health care provision and advocacy across the country.


  • Create a community that can support one another personally and professionally.

  • Provide educational space for clinicians to discuss protocols, guidelines, scope, and best practices.

  • Provide opportunities for teaching and engage in presentations and workshops related to policy, contraception, and abortion.

  • Learn about laws and policies, both state and national, and engage in advocacy skill building in sexual and reproductive health.

  • Partner with and support community organizations working in reproductive justice, maternal mortality, contraception, and abortion access.

  • Build capacity among advanced practice clinicians to strengthen leadership skills, expand reproductive health access and support patient advocacy.

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