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MA Cluster Monthly Newsletter: December 2021

From the laptops of your cluster leaders:

Hello friends,
The winter solstice and the end of 2021 are upon us, and with them we acknowledge and reflect upon the weight of this past year and the uncertainty of the months and years ahead.
This month has been devastating for the future of reproductive rights in this country, as we have observed with Texas’ abortion ban and more recently in Mississippi with the recent Supreme Court case addressing the state’s 15 week abortion ban. The future of Roe v Wade is now uncertain, and now we wait until next summer to know just how much the abortion landscape in this country will continue to devolve.
There are some bright spots, notably the very recent decision by the FDA to permanently remove the in-person requirement for dispensing mifepristone, thereby making medication abortion much more accessible throughout the country. We have already seen states enact legislation to counteract this decision, but we can celebrate and hold onto this win for now.
As the holiday season is a time of thanks and reflection, we are feeling particularly grateful at this moment to live in a state that will continue to provide comprehensive reproductive health to all individuals, regardless of what happens nationally. And we are grateful to have this community – thank you to all of you for being a part of it, and we wish you a happy and healthy new year.
In solidarity,
Jess and Lael



  • Texas’ abortion ban, SB8, remains in effect while the case continues to move through the courts. Earlier this month the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of allowing abortion providers to bring the lawsuit against state medical licensing officials only, which is the remaining avenue for appealing the law. This week the Court returned the case to a conservative-leaning federal appeals court that had already previously allowed the law to remain in effect, and the case is now likely to move to the Texas Supreme Court.

  • This past week the FDA permanently repealed the requirement that patients receive mifepristone in person in a medical facility for abortion and miscarriage care. The decision does not override individual states’ legislation that keeps the restriction in place.
  • Illinois’ Governor signed into law the end of parental notification requirements for minors seeking abortions in the state!

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  • January 5th 8:30pm – Congress of Delegates RHAP prep gathering – for those who are attending the upcoming COD, RHAP is hosting a prep session.  Click here to RSVP.

Resource Spotlight

The Pink House Fund – this group raises money to support Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, through fundraising for the clinic in addition to providing abortion funds for individuals seeking abortion services. Click here to donate.

Texas Abortion Support Funds: Texans seeking abortion are still struggling, as are abortion clinics themselves, due to the ongoing abortion ban. Here are abortion funds in Texas you can support today to help individuals across the state:

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