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MA Cluster Monthly Newsletter: November 2021

From the laptops of your cluster leaders:

Happy Autumn, everyone, and a wet and cool one at that.
We are struggling with the continued reality that so many people in Texas remain without abortion access because of Texas SB 8, the abhorrent law that prevents abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. Similarly, we are struck by how grateful we feel to live in a state not only where abortion is available, but where we, as practitioners, are able to provide abortions largely without fear of physical or legal attacks.
While it feels hard to watch what is happening from so far away, there are ways to support Texans seeking abortions –  be sure to check out our Resources Guide below for more information.
Be well, breathe, and hope folks get a chance to do some leaf peeping.
In solidarity,
Jess and Lael



  • The U.S. Supreme Court is about to review lawsuits against Texas SB8, but because they refused to block the law prior to these hearings, the ban on abortion remains in place until at least then.

  • The Oklahoma Supreme Court temporarily blocked three anti-abortion laws that were set to go into place in November: one requiring that abortion providers must be board-certified OB/GYNs; and two that placed unreasonable and unconstitutional restrictions on medication abortions.
  • The Illinois legislature passed the Youth Health and Safety Act, which repeals their Parental Notice of Abortion Act (effective June 2022), helps identify support and resources for pregnant and parenting youth, and restates Illinois’ commitment to protecting abortion care without government interference.

Upcoming Events


  • November 4th, 7 PM  – MA Cluster Meeting: Gender-affirming Care 101. This is a virtual event facilitated by Danielle O’Banion, MD, who will lead us in a talk about integrating gender affirming care into primary care practices. Please RSVP here.

Resource Spotlight

RHAP is pleased to announce the Texas Cluster’s inaugural virtual meeting! Please share this invite with any like-minded clinicians in your network who practice in Texas. Here are several organizations working to support Texans seeking abortion while Texas SB8 remains in effect:

  • Fund Texas Choice: Dallas-based, assists Texans with lodging and transportation expenses to abortion clinics in and out of state.

  • The Lilith Fund:  Austin-based, provides direct financial assistance for abortions to Texans in central and southern parts of the state, also provides emotional support line
  • Texas Equal Access Fund: Provides funds to help low-income people in northern Texas pay for abortion services
  • Whole Woman’s Health Alliance: Reproductive health clinic and advocacy organization serving several states including Texas. Is a plaintiff in the lawsuit to block Texas SB8

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